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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  October 1, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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airline seats come unbolted in midair. how pilots dealt with the emergency. and the issue is whether or not they are deceived. >> hanging a premium for free ranged eggs. why one animal rights groups say consumers are being deceived by the bay area farms. close to clinching by the end of the night as they could be back in the playoffs for the first time in six years. good evening, i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken bastida. two emergency landings for the american airlines jets in the last three days because of an unusual problem. a row of seats came loose from the floor in flight. and as cbs5 explains that several jets were grounded for inspections. >> that's right. it's a terrifying thing that happened in three days on the american airlines flights. just the latest for the airline under fire over a host of labor issues.
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>> that's right. an unusual one for you. a bizarre breakdown for you on board flight 685 on saturday. >> fasten your seats. it came loose out of the floors. the passengers, they are unable to sit in that seat. >> reporter: you heard that right. a row of three seats that suddenly unbolted on the floor of the plane. >> we don't know what kind of turbulence that you have as the seat will be loose. we don't want that to fly around behind us. >> reporter: the plane was bound from miami to boston, but the pilots were forced to turn the aircrafts around for an emergency landing in new york. but that wasn't the end. it happened again today. seats on a new york to miami plane came loose this time, forcing another emergency landing. and in a statement, the americans said that the internal investigation has indicated that there could be a possible issue for you with a certain model of seats and how they fit into the tracking used to secure the seats.
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they decided to reinspect eight 757s. there they operate the oldest flight -- they operate the oldest flights in america. as your car gets older, it requires more maintenance. as our aircrafts get older, it requires more maintenance. >> reporter: the problem they said are unrelated to a string of issues. but 200 pilots picketed the americans today, saying they are concerned about outsource labor and overworked inspectors at a time that the bankrupt carrier is facing tough new scrutinies from the faa. the federal aviation administration said both planes recently had maintenance that required seats to be removed and installed again. inspectors believe that the problem could be with the way that the seats fit into the tracks on the floor. cbs5. in the central valley, an am track train out of oakland collided with a big rig injuring more than 30 people. it happened around 12:30 this afternoon near the town of
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hanford. nick james on how passengers describe the impact. >> reporter: amtrak panic as families initially feared the worst. the chp says this big rig carrying cotton trash drove right through the crossing arms, despite the bells and warning lights, broadsiding the train. half a mile after impact, the amtrak came screeching off the tracks. they worried that the train caught fire in the first few terrifying moments. firefighters rushed to the scene south of fresno. some were treated here, but many were rushed to the hospital with injuries, described as bumps, bruises, breaks. nothing life threatening. >> people were jumping out of the train as fast as they could. other people were helping them get out of the train. they assisted people getting out of the train as well. >> reporter: the amtrak carrying 169 passengers were bound for bakersfield from oakland with a stop in sacramento. those who weren't hurt were taken by bus loads to a nearby train station and sent on their
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way. meanwhile the big rig driver suffered moderate to major injuries. they still don't know why he didn't stop. >> i mean how did you not see that the train was crossing, the arms were down? i don't know if there is any indication of any use of alcohol or drugs. >> and then a few hours later, just 15 miles north of there, there was a second collision between a big rig and a freight train. the truck driver suffered minor injuries and there was minor damage to the locomotive. san francisco's little weird like this. some of the hottest temperatures of the year are on october 1. the triple digits prompted the opening of the cooling centers and some of the inland valleys. and also they prompted warnings of the extreme fire danger in the oakland hills. the chief meteorologist is in the weather center with what's in stored for tomorrow, paul? >> ken, the pattern will not change too much. so if you like today, you will get more of it coming up tomorrow. here is what we had today, the warmest day of the year on the first day of october. 91 at sfo, 91 in oakland,
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beating the previous warmest day of the year. san jose almost got there, 94. the second warmest day of the year for you. concord, only the 9th warmest day, but 97 degrees today. livermore, you hit 100. guess what, santa cruz hit 100 today. even right in san francisco, golden gate park registered at 84 degrees. salsalito at 83. we are very dry since july 1, only 11% of our average rainfall. and after tomorrow there will be a significant weather change. wait until you see the extended forecast as we will get down right chilly. we'll have that in a few minutes. thank you, paul. a bay area egg producer is under fire from an animal rights group. customers are being duked by misleading packaging. cbs5 reporter linda yee on why critics say the refunds are in order. >> it all comes down to the picture. ahead on her chicks, pecking away at the open field on the carton of judy's organic eggs.
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the animal legal defense fund says that it is false advertising and they are suing the egg farm. >> the issue is whether the consumers are deceived. and the picture on the packaging depicts hens roaming about a green field. >> reporter: organic free- ranged eggs usually cost a third more than the regular ones. but she doesn't mind. she buys judy's organic eggs. >> i look for that because i want, you know, an animal that is free and roaming free, not in a cage. >> reporter: the animal rights group says that is exactly the misconception. at the farm, it is obvious that the hens are not outside. >> you see thousands of hens it inside them. >> reporter: he said he would not comment until after reading the lawsuit.
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a family member did tell me by phone that they never claimed that their hens were free range, but that they were caged free and therefore they have access to open fields. the class action lawsuit doesn't question whether the eggs are organic, but about perception and the suit says that people that paid extra for what they believe were truly free-ranged eggs, they should get their money back. linda yee, cbs5 news. he was a popular sixth grade teacher, arrested last wednesday and was out on bail when he was found dead. the alamedacounty sheriff's office is investigating the death as a suicide. an east bay woman is questioning claims that she died in her sleep at the assisted living facility in concord where she lived. the body of the 86-year-old yolanda was found yesterday at a school a few blocks away from the? called julia's home.
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the family says that they were never told she was missing. inspite of her history of trying to escape, she had been gone for about three hours when she was found. the coroner said that he could have been a factor in her -- that heat could have been a factor in her death. the murder trial of estiban is underway. prosecutors blame a jealous rage for prompting her to kill her former friend. inspite of the evidence, they said that it will not prove that she committed murder. now, the man accused of carrying out a mass shooting in oakland are on hold. the 43-year-old's lawyer is questioning his mental competency. at a hearing today, the judge ordered two psychiatrists to examine him and report their findings next month. he's accused of killing seven people at the university last april. now, the body of one of two
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missing fishermen have washed ashore in the san mateo county coast. the men were on board of the 18-foot fishing boat capsized off pigeon point. the second man is still missing. neither were wearing life just abouts. two other men on board were wearing life jackets and they made it safely to shore. well, shopping in san francisco, then you now have to bring in your own bag. today, the banned on plastic bags, it was expanded. that means retail stores and the bookstores, they don't have them anymore. and that is in addition to the grocery stores. with the customers who are now being charged ten cents for a paper bag. >> i don't know why they are making it, you know, based on the attempts for the bags. it's a regular cycle. >> it doesn't really bother me. you know, i guess i have the idea of trying to discourage people from using the paper bags and everybody has their own reusable bag, i guess. >> and this time of the year,
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restaurants will be added to the list. in campaign 2012 now, just days from the first presidential debate and the latest number that will show the race is still very tight. a new cbs news washington post poll will show that the president had a two-point lead nationally. in some battleground states, pleasure has up to a 10-point lead. both candidates have put their campaigns on hold to prepare for wednesday night's meeting. the cbs4 reporter on the high stakes surrounding the first debate. mitt romney rallied supporters at denver's air and space museum before retreating for the debate practice. >> i believe that the people of colorado, they will choose a better way for our country. that we cannot afford four more years that could last four years. >> reporter: wednesday night is the republican hopeful that will meet them on stage at the university of denver for their first debate. >> i'm calling them right now. >> reporter: the gop volunteers who had been working the phones said that there are still
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undecided voters that they could win over. >> a lot of people are waiting until the debate on wednesday. that will be a big thing for some people. >> reporter: and colorado is a battleground state that went for president obama in 2008. the republicans here say that they have already made about four times the phone calls as this time four years ago. a new washington post poll gives the president a comfortable 11-point lead when it comes to the swing states like colorado. >> i feel like he actually has a plan where romney, you know, i have not seen the specifics really. >> reporter: the poll shows that 56% of the voters think that the president will win the first debate. on monday, he took time out of his preparation to stop by a campaign office here in henderson, nevada and to thank volunteers. >> and what you guys are doing is more important than anything in this campaign at this point. and you are really the ones that will be making the difference. >> the president is staying in nevada to study up for wednesday. romney will be honkerring down here in denver.
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danielle noddingham, cbs news, denver, colorado. >> and you can watch the debate live here on cbs5 on wednesday night starting at 6:00. it will be followed by a half hour of analysis from cbs news and bob schaeffer starting at 7:30. >> all right. do you think that's big news for the presidential debate? we've got huge news. breaking news out of oakland right now. dennis o'donnell is standing by right now. i see a lot of a's out in the field celebrating. that could only mean one thing? >> reporter: that's right, ken. the a's have just clinched a wild card spot in the playoffs. they have defeated the texas rangers 4-3 and the celebration just began about one minute ago as they got the save. this is the most improbable scene when the season began. most prognosticators said that the oakland a's would finish last in their division. they are a collection of misfits to some extent and a collection of players that are very, very young. but tonight they know that they are going to the playoffs and
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the champagne celebration is about to begin. incredible, incredible scene here in the oakland coliseum. we're going to go inside the locker room and bring the celebrations to you. guys?
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ommission from it's catalog: women. the home furnishing giant, ikea is apologizing for a very obvious omission from their catalog, women. images of women were digitally removed from catalogs distributed in saudi arabia. a scene of the family in the bathroom shows the mother disappearing on one page. and the idea was to show the difference to the muslim community, but ikea now says
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they regret moving those images. and the japanese clothing company is heading overseas to bring a unique twist to san francisco fashion. this friday, they will be opening up a west coast flagship store in union square. cbs5 elizabeth cook is live in union square where they are getting ready for the grand opening. elizabeth? >> reporter: a professional shopper right there. there's literally dozens of people working inside, trying to get ready for the grand opening of the uni glow on friday morning. and now i'm not allowed to go beyond these barriers, but every once in a while you can get a little peak with the sea and in addition to all the sweaters and the jeans and all the basics that the store is bringing into the city, it is also bringing close to 500 jobs for you and some stiff competition at the stores on the streets here. >> reporter: the chances are you have seen the advertisements. >> and i have seen them like,
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you know, in every corner of the street. >> reporter: or the high- profile endorsement and wondered what is all the buzz? >> at first they were promoting sushi. >> reporter: no, not fish, fashion. and in just four days, this construction zone will be transformed into long lines, as thousands are anticipated to wait for hours for the opening of uniclow. >> the largest retailer, but this will be a very first start of the west coast in the united states. >> reporter: it started in japan and quickly grew to be a worldwide phenomenon. >> we are a brand that is designed for everyone. regardless of your income, regardless of your investment, your ethnicity, you should be able to find something here. >> reporter: and it just recently made a flash in the states with four stores in new york and new jersey. now, san francisco. >> this really is the hot view of the innovation, technology, creativity. so we really wanted to be here. >> reporter: the style of the combination of h&m and american apparel with an affordable price point. a must-stop for the fashion
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forward in union square. who doesn't like to spend longer than five minutes in a store, it is just easy. >> i do it very quickly. it works for me and i like it. >> uniqlo opens officially on friday morning at 10:00 a.m., expecting to offer deep discounts on some of the more high-profile items. they are also unveiling a new high tough -- high-tech feature inside the store enhancing the shopping experience. live in san francisco, elizabeth cook, cbs5. the city of oakland and the coliseum are both apologizing for a loud late-night rave. tens of thousands of people are attending the event on saturday night that lasted well into sunday. they will apologize for any
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discomfort caused by the noise. another bay area sports venue will be facing the demolition. the city says they will plan to tear down the candle stick parks. the 49ers needed to move to santa clara. the park both beloved for their history and for their climate, they will make way for the new stores and the soccer fields. well, from the flu to whooping cough. a lot of nasty stuff will go around schools these days. but more and more parents are deciding not to vaccinate their kids. making it harder to opt out. getting a flu shot today as they talk about the risks and the benefits before making their decisions. >> we definitely rely on them as an expert. we put their health in their
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hands. >> and now a new law aims to have more parents talking to their pediatricians, before attending law or daycare, they are required to get certain vaccinations. you can opt out by filing that new exemption. the new law makes it a bit tougher. talking to a licensed health care practitioner. >> we want them to get the real facts rather than the things you'll hear from the internet or friends and family, without having both sides presented to them. while he is pleased with the new law, he is also surprised at the last moment that the governor added an exemption, religion. parents with the religious beliefs are ruling out the vaccinations don't need to jump through the hoops. >> perhaps with a new inception added to the bill will not be as effective.
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>> even so this new mom thinks it's a good idea. >> your relationship with your pediatricians and the partnership. >> cbs5, health watch. today for many of you was the warmest day that you have had so far this year. wait until you see the changes coming up in your forecast. we'll have your forecast coming up. we don't call this our company, we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company.
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with a little luck green toys could be the next great american brand. find what's next for your business at
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it is warm, 91 in san francisco today and still 73 degrees. we're there at 10:00 at night. san jose, 77. livermore at 76. oakland is still 74 degrees. that's the good news though. they will cool us down. it will be comfortable when you wake up in the morning. oakland down to 69. and now vallejo -- vallejo is dropping to the 60s. tomorrow, i'm looking for the latest computer model. i don't see a big difference. tomorrow will be another warm one for you.
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the triple digits inland. watch what happens on wednesday. scooting up the coastline, a couple hundred miles, giving us the on shore flow. so one final very warm day for you tomorrow, staying high with these temperatures, getting going starting on wednesday. for tomorrow, tuesday, oakland up to 83. concord, 97. san jose, 92, well above normal. campbell at 94, san mateo even 85. the 99 for walnut creek. and 90s again for santa rosa and alameda. 84 degrees. extended forecast cooling by 10 degrees on wednesday. cooling 10 degrees more on thursday. and guess what folks, next monday, there's a chance of a couple showers. a champagne shower would be a nice way to cool down. >> yeah paul, i had to run out
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of the locker room for the time being. when we come back, the dramatic final out to prepare the oakland a's into the playoffs for 2012. we're back in just a moment. cold remedy? hi, primo! asopao! right, asopao! there you go cuz, so you can sweat it out! oh, and music... ( all ) music? ... heals the soul. the power to share unites us. verizon brings your entire family the savings of the share everything plan. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and data you can share with up to 10 devices, all in one plan. get the 4glte droid razr by motorola for $99.99. verizon.
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welcome back everybody. the a's and rangers, oakland still with a shot to the al west if they sweep to get on the boat early. josh reddick drives in a run. top of the 4th, a's are up 2-1, but then michael young goes deep to right center off of parker. the 8th of the year to tie the game at 2. then in the 5th after a lead off run for the
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double coco crisp with the duobaggers to put -- with the twoing baaers to lead 4-2 and now here is how it ended in the 9th inning. he struck him out and the oakland athletics are going to the post season! unbelievable! if they win tomorrow and wednesday, then they will win the american league west. ken and dana, there is a big difference because a wild card is just a one-game playoff. if they win the american league west, it's the best of five. so a lot of baseball still remaining right now. i'm going to run into the clubhouse and bring you the post game celebration with champagne at our 11:00 news on cbs5. guys? >> sweet. i would love to see the a's back, man. >> very excited. >> babe ruth series? what do you think?
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>> why not. no earthquake. >> i have earthquake insurance. >> i'll buy a lottery ticket too. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
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